Since this was a thing that was also bugging the LiveJournal community, I'll try to explain why some stuff are spelled the way they are.

- Dinasty: it is spelled with an "i" because of the romanisation of the featured katakana (ディナスティ - Dinasuti). The subtitled version by Maiden Japan spells it "Dynasty", but the official romanisation in the rebuild brochure spells it "Dinasty".

-Gel Dynasty: it is spelled with a "y" again due to the katakana in the R mook (ゲルーダイナスティ- Geru Dainasuti). the Rupdate and shop feature katakana similar to Dinasty(ディナスティ), and the G update of the site features the Dynasty spelling.

-Dhalia: the "h" in the name's spelling is purely because of the spelling in the R mook and onwards. Enigmapoeia in the LJ community used Dalia for the soldier's name and Dhalia for the attack name to keep the pattern used in some of the papillon soldiers (Roze(ローゼ) in transformation/ Rose(ローセ) in attack in the archive, Margarette(マーガレット) in transformation/ Marquerite(マルグリット) in attack, Lily(リリィ) in transformation/ Lilya(リーリヤ) in attack, Violet(バイオレット) in transformation/ Violetta(ヴィオレータ) in attack.

-Petit Rose: this is due to every single mention of Petit Rose in the series. While the correct female version is Petite, the katakana would be プチート instead of プチ because the pronunciation is slightly different in French.

All I can remember for now. If I remember anything else I'll update ithe blogpost.