From the picture in Mino Tarou's column acticle.








"Papillon Rose Treasure Hall of Secrets"

"The illusionary Papillon Rose!"

"What did you say, this is the first drawn picture of Papillon Rose"

"For example I attempted drawing the pictures in the animation director position for the official homepage's story introduction"

"Character Setteis Yo!"

"New ones due to the theatrical version Papillon Rose G"

"DVD announcement of the TV version. Apparently the company went bankrupt in the middle of the releases and for that reason the final ones weren't released."

and a TL: パピヨンローゼ秘宝館 is the name of an extra section in the R animation archives. All those callbacks make me feel nostalgic and relieve me because I actually got some very stretchy kanji from that mook correct *tears of joy*

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