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    Wow, it's been a while. I am finally done with my job for now and while my thesis still isn't over, there is plenty of time for me to contribute here.

    So, I got to cleanup my scans of the Rebuild artbook. They are not the best quality as there is some grain from the scanning, but it is well better than nothing. I'll be sharing some renders of the pictures in there so that we have more character pics from rebuild. Also, I'll try to cleanup some more the only picture of Adonis and Lupinus in there as it's their only appearance s far.

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  • Vanakita

    I have been watching two very good animation series while working and finishing up my studies, Oniisama e and Rose of Versailles both by Riyoko Ikeda, and their opening songs are probably both referenced in the soundtracks.

    The opening of Rose of Versailles has very similar cues to Bara no Priere. And the opening of Oniisama, I don't know how, but it reminds me of the Genesis track in the second soundtrack.

    I'll definitely add the reference to Rose of Versailles with musical cues when I can because it is the clearest reference to that, but not very sure about the Genesis track, maybe it's just me.

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  • Vanakita down

    November 3, 2015 by Vanakita

    As it seems, the domain expired :(.

    The shop and the blog are still up though.

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  • Vanakita

    Quick translation

    October 27, 2015 by Vanakita

    From the picture in Mino Tarou's column acticle.








    "Papillon Rose Treasure Hall of Secrets"

    "The illusionary Papillon Rose!"

    "What did you say, this is the first drawn picture of Papillon Rose"

    "For example I attempted drawing the pictures in the animation director position for the official homepage's story introduction"

    "Character Setteis Yo!"

    "New ones due to the theatrical version Papillon Rose G"

    "DVD announcement of the TV version. Apparently the company went bankrupt in the middle of the releases and for that reason the final ones weren't released."

    and a TL: パピヨンローゼ秘宝館 is the na…

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  • Vanakita


    October 27, 2015 by Vanakita

    Shinji Tobita revealed his identity. He is MinoTarou! And my mind just exploded.

    ...I really need to find some time to sit on my ass and translate everything in there lol. As far as I can understand his drawing style influence for Papillon Rose was Sakura Wars and he hated the New Season series.

    It's also quite ironic how his first major work is listed as the art for Tokimeki Memorial online...when he drew vulgar caricatures of two of the main characters from those games back in Papillon Rose R xD.

    He was listed as the character designer in Rebuild but I would never think he is actually the mastermind behind all. Again, holy cow.

    He says the domain for will expire soon... sigh

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