I recently was on twitter, browsing some Papillon Rose posts, and I found this post that said that Papillon Rose was F**kin hilarious. It then led me to this

This person obviosuly seems to be a Sailor Moon addict and seems to get a lot of facts wrong about Papillon Rose. First of all, Papillon Rose is a parody, not a troll anime. Second, Hikaru is not a rapist. He is actually Tsubomi's lover, he was just under the spell of Regina Apis. She also says that shinji traced pics in Papillon Rose G, which I don't think he did, he stopped after R I think.

I know everyone has opinions, but I think that this person was trying to turn it into facts. It really ticks me off. I thought those trolls were gone after Papillon Rose ended, but they are still some. I wish people would stop saying that Papillon Rose is a Sailor Moon Ripoff and try to understand it more.

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