Well, it's been over a year since the rebuild was announced and a few months since the site shut down. Recently, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 has been slated for spring release and it makes me wonder if Mino Tarou will do the next one in summer Comiket. What are your thoughts?

I myself hope that he will do the second one as well as restocking the first archive and maybe actually get to see some animation.

Also, since I can't talk on the blog due to the computer issues, Vanmak, the recent one you put in the Parodies to Other anime page, the Oh My Godess one, I don't think it parodies it because they look slightly different. Also, i could tell it was from a page, since it looks cut off, may I see the whole page and if there are other pages, may i see them too? And I did notice your recent blog post and I did notice the Rose Of Versailles reference. I listened to it a while back, and I thought it was just a coincidence. xD

The other one, i forgot what it was called, It doesn't sound similar to Genesis.

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