Lingerie Soldier Papillon Rose Original Sound track is the first soundtrack CD to be produced for the original Papillon Rose web series. It was released during Comiket to coincide with the OVA video and DVD release.

# Track Title Producter Performance
1 "Sleep of Flora" Kuri-Zill

(based on Burio's track)

2 "Renaissance" Kuri-Zill Hikari Nakayama
3 "City of desire" Kuri-Zill -
4 "Rose! Erection!" Kuri-Zill Bouquet du Rose
5 "In the motel of outskirts" Kuri-Zill -
6 "Little Evil" Kuri-Zill -
7 "Margarette! Erection!" Kuri-Zill -
8 "Lily! Erection!" Kuri-Zill -
9 "Violet! Erection!" Kuri-Zill -
10 "Blooming Flower bud" Kuri-Zill -
11 "Attention!" Kuri-Zill -
12 "Prayer of the Rose" Kuri-Zill Hikari Nakayama
13 "Crazy for you" Kuri-Zill Mahiru Sonoda
14 "Dinasty" Kuri-Zill -
15 "Dhalia awakens" Kuri-Zill -
16 "Preface~ Rosetta" Kuri-Zill -
17 "Rosetta" Kuri-Zill Bouquet du Rose
18 "Everlasting Love" Kuri-Zill Bouquet du Rose
19 "Night Raid" Kuri-Zill -
20 "Lustful night" Kuri-Zill -
21 "To the scattering ones" Kuri-Zill -
22 "Prayer of the saints" Kuri-Zill -
23 "Memories" Kuri-Zill Mahiru Sonoda
24 "Renaissance (off vocal)" Kuri-Zill -
25 "Rosetta (off vocal)" Kuri-Zill -

"Rosetta (NES version)"(hidden track)

Kuri-Zill -


  • The first track is based on Burio's track from the P/R sound lib. soundtrack released with the collectable CD roms in comiket 60. Burio is given special credit in the CD booklet.


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